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Trends in Intellectual Property for Software & Communications: Needle & Rosenberg

Diverging Trends in Intellectual Property for Software & Communications By Needle & Rosenberg During the past several years, many computer software and communication technology companies have increasingly begun to use patents as the primary mechanism for legally protecting their computer software and other innovative techniques from misappropriation by others. At the same time, many software […]

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Year-End Planning for Executive Needs: Execulinks

Year-End Planning for Executive Needs By Huff Logue, Execulinks After recruiting in the technology sector for more than 15 years, I’ve learned that September and October are the months when most CEOs begin serious resource planning for the next year. This cycle has been altered over the last 3 years as the normal annual planning […]

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Winter 2004 Executive Moves

February 2004 Inovis Inc. named Michael Croxton as Senior Vice President of Marketing. Prior to Inovis, Croxton held senior management positions at Manhattan Associates, Software Solutions and Softlab.

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