April 13 CEO Roundtable

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We captured a few COVID 19 quotes from our April 13th CEO ZOOM gathering below. Enjoy the full article. Wishing everyone good health and happiness.

Krishna Arangode | Natalie Cheney | Shauvik Roy Choudhary | Brian Dally | Mitch Free | Robin Gregg | Lara Hodgson | Adwait Joshi | Anju Mathew | Pramod Sajja | Trenton Spindler

“Kinda sad to see a microscopic organism running the world”

“CV19 is so unique & unexpected, it’s not discriminating the type, size or age of a company”

“It’s mentally, emotionally hard to furlough and fire employees”

“Diversify your banking relationships”

“March was a decent end to q1 and q2 is going to be horrible”

“Every CEO gets a JD in interpreting the CARES Act & Families First”

“The Federal Government is back in action as an investor”

“All hail the consumer and retail investor”

“Fatigue from playing the role of CEO, parent, teacher, lunch lady, janitor”

“Definitely overloaded with ZOOM meetings and webinars”

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