Atlanta Executives Optimistic for 2011

/ 16 Hours ago

Atlanta executives surveyed in the last month are indicating optimism for the economy this year.  Of the 182 responses, almost 70% say they expect improvement in 2011 with 23% anticipating an uptick in 2012. Hiring, especially in sales and marketing, is in most CEOs’ plans.  Over one third expect to pursue funding in the next year and of those, most will be seeking investment through Venture Capital.

When do you anticipate an improved economy? a. 1st half 2011 28.02%
b. 2nd half 2011 40.66%
c. 2012 23.08%
d. Beyond 2012 8.24%
Do you plan to hire this year in: a. Operations 21.33%
b. Administration 12.67%
c. Customer Service 15.00%
d. R & D 16.67%
e. Sales and Marketing 34.33%
Will you be raising capital this year? a. Yes 37.91%
b. No 62.09%
If yes, are you looking to raise funds through: a. Angel investors 27.14%
b. Venture Capital 54.29%
c. Debt 14.29%
d. Public Offering 4.29%

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