Merrick Furst: Entrepreneurs – Bold Visionaries or Bean Counters?

/ 16 Hours ago

Merrick Furst

Are entrepreneurs bold visionaries who make their dreams a reality or bean counters who test and adjust details to fit their customer’s needs? Merrick Furst, Georgia Tech Distinguished Professor and founder of Flashpoint will share his unique approach to start up success as part of our OneBigIdea Series on May 19, 2014 at 5:45 pm. Merrick is a company founder, advisor and respected mentor to many of Atlanta’s successful startups.

Through the Startup Engineering™ methodology, Merrick and his team developed a template to discover authentic demand and build successful companies.  In this approach, technology entrepreneurs and innovation teams from large companies work in “negative space” to discover what customers cannot avoid and what they themselves must become. For more information about becoming part of the Atlanta CEO Council, visit the join page.

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