CxO Spotlight: Claire Arnold CEO, LeapFrog Services

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Claire Arnold CEO, LeapFrog Services

Claire Arnold CEO, LeapFrog Services

 Interview with Claire Arnold

1. What path or events led you to a career in technology?

After using technology in progressively important ways through several job changes, I worked in a company where technology was a tool used to make a competitive cost advantage. As CEO of that company, I never felt I had to totally understand the technology we used to leverage it in the business. Almost 10 years ago I realized that most small & medium businesses could not afford the breath & depth of staff necessary to support their IT nor were there outsourced providers who gave them excellent service. Leapfrog services was founded to work for those CEO’s who want to use the excellence of IT to leverage their businesses without the challenge of hiring and managing their own IT staff.

2. What do you feel were some of your most important decisions in building your business?

• Hiring the best IT professionals we can find who also love giving excellent service.

• Branding a service segment that was otherwise unbranded.

• Listening to the issues of our clients & finding the best proven technology solution available to meet their needs.

• Hiring a superior management team that compliments my weaknesses.

3. What other organizations are you associated with in your industry?

I am on the board of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

4. What is your favorite reason, besides your career, that you enjoy living in Atlanta?

We love the friends we’ve made through almost 40 years of work, marriage, family and community service in Atlanta. It’s our interactions with people that bring joy to each day.

5. What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?

Working on the boards for not for profit organizations. Mostly educational and environmental, travel with my family, and the all too frequent crossword puzzle.

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