CxO Spotlight: Joan Herbig Fmr. CEO, Cambria Security

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Joan Herbig Fmr. President & CEO, Cambia Security, Inc.

Joan Herbig Fmr. President & CEO, Cambia Security, Inc.

Interview with Joan Herbig
1. With Cambia Security recently being acquired by nCircle Network Security, what have you found to be your biggest challenge?

Actually, I am working through a transition and I haven’t found many challenges in this acquisition. Probably the reason for it being smoother than the past few acquisitions I have been through is that the cultures of nCircle and Cambia were very synergistic, so that has allowed the integration to progress quickly and, for the most part, without incident. I’ve found that the key to successful integrations often revolves around making sure that both teams demonstrate flexibility and open-mindedness; a willingness to implement best-practices from both organizations; and if you are going to make changes, do so definitively and quickly to minimize disruption.

2. In the course of negotiating a term sheet, when do you walk away from investors even if the valuation of your company is fair?

A few things strike me. One would be a situation where an investor has unrealistic expectations for the company, or expectations that are not in alignment with management and other investors. Another would be a new investor that doesn’t see eye-to-eye with other investors and board members, which might create unproductive board dynamics requiring that time and attention be diverted from the business to manage dysfunctions at the board level. Finally, an investor that would come in to make wholesale changes might create an untenable environment for growth. Any of these eventualities would cause me to seriously consider walking.

3. Looking forward, where do you see the security industry going within the next few years?

The industry is quickly consolidating and I believe that IT security will quickly become a part of mainstream IT operations. This will be manifested on both the buyer side (i.e., security departments being integrated with IT operations) and vendor side (larger software companies acquiring security-focused vendors – e.g., HP buying SPI Dynamics).

4. What other organization(s) are you actively involved with in the Atlanta market?

I am passionate about improving the climate for technology in Georgia. As such I am very involved in the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) , currently serving as Vice Chairman of the organization. I also sit on the board of AeA. I believe that both organizations are earnestly working to ensure that Georgia’s technology community thrives.

5. What is your favorite reason, besides your career, that you enjoy living in Atlanta?

My husband and I moved to Atlanta 21 years ago, one month before the birth of our oldest daughter. We’ve been here ever since. We love the southern hospitality and have found it to be a nice place to raise our family.

6. What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time?

What spare time? Actually I do enjoy reading, traveling with my family and playing tennis.

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