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Improve your Marketing ROI through Email 2.0

By: Joe Schab, CEO, Creative Digital Group

Despite a reputation for being skittish when it comes to adopting new technologies, the retail industry is, in fact, showing many other industries the way toward embracing Email 2.0. Tools like video, blogs, RSS, social content sites and wireless delivery for its email campaigns are revolutionizing the way brands can engage their customers on a one-to-one basis. So regardless of the industry you are in, Email 2.0 can help you generate more leads, garner more goodwill, and increase brand awareness. Here’s a rundown of some of the tools you should consider:

Video. Of all the Web 2.0 evolutions, video has been the most enthusiastically adopted by major companies for its email marketing. Saks Fifth Avenue, REI, Gap, Bass Pro Shops and many more have been using video links in its email campaigns for a range of purposes – from product showcases to fashion shows to how-to guides.

Blogs. Several companies have mentioned its blogs in its email campaigns in recent months. One of them was Petco, which launched its blog earlier this year. Petco has since used its email newsletter and blog in tandem to keep people updated on a pet food recall, sending out an email that explained what action Petco had taken to protect customers and its pets and directed subscribers to its blog for continuing updates.

Social content sites. is the first major retailer to use social content sites. In a March 12 email, the company added Digg and links alongside products it was promoting, in the hope that subscribers will click on the links to essentially recommend the products to the Digg and communities. Companies that attract young, tech-savvy shoppers may find worthwhile success with these sites.

Wireless. Several major brands, such as Crate & Barrel are working to extend its email campaigns to cell phone users. The retailer’s CB2 brand has a service called CB2 Go that allows subscribers to “Get CB2 flash news, sales, ideas and happenings on your cell.” Driving emails to mobile devices is another terrific way to leverage and address our increasingly “unwired” world.

RSS. Real Simple Syndication (RSS) can entice readers to subscribe in order to receive updated information, “breaking news,” the very latest deals, or secret sales. It will automatically feed your content to the subscriber, thus bringing your client or prospect closer to your brand, product or service.

Why is Email 2.0 important? Because email is still the most ubiquitous Internet tool; more people send and receive email than any other Internet activity, and as such, should be the cornerstone of any successful interactive campaign. Email 2.0, and all it entails, is the next wave of innovative tactics to improve your marketing ROI. To learn more about Email 2.0, please visit or email me at

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