Leadership and Multi-Gen Workers

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Executive leadership challenge: leading a multi-generational workforce.

Do you sense that the generation gap in the workplace is wider than ever?millennials

Every generation has distinct work habits and priorities that often seem very much at odds to each other. According to Dr. Debby Cannon, Director of the School of Hospitality in the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University, by acknowledging each group’s assets, the results can be a highly creative workforce.

As part of the Atlanta CEO Council Executive Leadership breakfast series, Dr. Cannon shared insights into the motivation of each generation currently in the workforce. While hard work and promotion to the top might drive a baby-boomer, exciting and new challenges are more important to a Gen-X worker. Then there’s the tech savvy millennial, a digital native from birth who is high performing, but also can be high maintenance.

Today’s executives must pro-actively look for ways to understand what drives each group and lead them to cross their generational cultural boundaries. Dr. Cannon shares her executive leadership strategies in Leading a Multigenerational Workforce.

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