Growing Revenue: $2.5m –> $150m

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We had a fantastic dinner with 45 CEOs at the delicious Sufi’s Kitchen – Persian Fine Dining! 

We offer our sincere thanks to our friend and ACEO member Satya Tiwari, President, Surya, a B2B home decor company.

Here is Satya’s extraordinary journey thus far from $2.5m ⇨ $150m

History: “I moved to Calhoun, GA, from NYC 15 years ago closing in on $2.5m revenue.”

Creating jobs: “Many vendors are weavers in small Indian villages who have grown from 5 to 50 people operations in the past 15 years. They grew with Surya.”

Best thing that happened to me: “I was born in my parents household. I got the best deck of cards dealt to me: my family.”

Why Atlanta? “Atlanta was the perfect city for me, I felt. I met true entrepreneurs who truly wanted to give back. Great advisors from day one.”

Philanthropy: “Providing mid-day meals to over 1m underserved children in India.”

“Atlanta CEO Council is the most impressive group I am a part of.”

– Satya Tiwari, President, Surya

We look forward to seeing you at our next dinner.

Warm regards,
Board of Directors
Roger Barnette | David Calhoun | Kelly Gay | Harish Mamtani | Palaniswamy Rajan | Asif Ramji | Ashish Thakur |  Armistead Whitney | Jeremy Wing

Nelson Chu | Frank Dalton | Adam Ghetti | Rimus Kapeskas
Blake Patton |  Micheal Reene | Mike Dowdle


Due to the long waiting list for our super exclusive CEO dinners, we require invited attendees to RSVP to Atlanta CEO council 48 hours prior to each private dinner. If you cancel after the 48-hour confirmation period or are a no-show after confirming your attendance, you will lose your priority invitation status for the next dinner.

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