July 23 Big Idea: Biomimicry

/ 16 Hours ago

The Atlanta CEO Council is hosting Dr. Ashok Goel at the July 23 Executive Reception for  a short talk on Biomimicry: the study of taking nature’s best ideas (such as the leg of a cockroach) and imitating the design and process to solve human problems (such as a better rotary joint).  This is a rapidly expanding field at the intersection of nature, design, creativity and sustainability.

Dr. Goel is a Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is Director of the School’s Design & Intelligence Laboratory and a Co-Director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Biologically Inspired Design. He serves on the Boards of Biomimicry 3.8 and Bioinspired!

Dr. Goel’s talk will begin at approximately 5:40 and last about 20 minutes. He will join the Atlanta CEO Council in our Executive Reception immediatley after.

For more information, contact Harriett@atlantaceo.org.

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