Keeping fit professionally is vital: Deutsche Bank

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Keeping fit professionally is vital

By: Deutsche Bank

We all know that it’s not just down to working hard and delivering against objectives. Sometimes, through circumstances beyond your control, you simply don’t get the break you need to make progress. That said, there are a number of common-sense strategies out there that can help you enhance your employability for the future. Here are three views from very different departments and regions of the bank:

Claudia Hussy
Global Trade Finance
New York

In today’s global marketplace, flexibility and life-long learning are crucial to gaining and maintaining employment. When you start a new job, your existing skills might well be sufficient. But to hold that job down, you will need to do more. The speed of market responses means staying on our toes. Being open minded to broaden your own professional and soft skills assists in managing your own career. Setting goals for yourself, staying receptive to challenges, taking initiatives and assuming responsibility for your actions help not only to increase your self-confidence, but also to improve your value and employability. Learning from mistakes will help you identify your strengths and areas of development. In facing the global workplace it is important to understand different work cultures. Working in different countries and businesses will broaden your mind and boost your potential for personal and professional growth.

Gregory Lui
Global Markets

Time is always tight, with an endless stream of deadlines, and constant demands on your capacity and energy. Time management is often under-estimated. But besides managing our daily responsibilities, every now and again you need to take stock. Take a critical look at what you do, at ways to improve your performance, and how you can add value to the organization. It could be finding a more efficient solution for clients, or recognizing a new trend or opportunity for the business. You should also maintain a broader strategic view of how you can develop your career and grow with the Bank. The business is you: you’re responsible for running your career. So to cultivate your employability, you need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and take ownership over what you do. And probably the biggest challenge is to balance this all with your personal life.

Marcus Rister
Personal Banking

In responding to this question, I am reminded of the words of the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery who wrote: “One’s head is round, so that one’s thoughts can change direction.” In my view, too, mental agility is one of the over-arching abilities that modern managers must possess in order to maintain their employability. Further qualities are assertiveness and a redness to take bold decisions. Social skills are also vital, not least of which are pronounced self awareness coupled with sensitivity to the impressions others have of one’s behavior. Since there are no jobs for life these days, not even in the public sector, there is no other way forward than to take one’s professional destiny into one’s own hands. The concept of employability is not a threat, but a huge opportunity. It’s a chance to gain a competitive edge through reacting more quickly, becoming more adaptable and planning sensibly in advance. No one can afford to hide their light under a bushel. Everyone needs to set goals and to view this as an ongoing process in their professional lives.

Understanding different work cultures, getting an entrepreneurial spirit, and taking your professional destiny into your own hands are the three ways described above on how to keep professionally fit. Knowing the challenges your counterparts face, creating your own opportunities, and developing your knowledge and skills are three more ways to stay ahead of the curve. What’s your way?

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