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#OBISeries speaker highlights management skills for leadership

Most companies aren’t getting the maximum value from the execution of their business strategies, according to Karen D. Walker, president and principle consultant at  Oneteam Consulting, a global expert at exploiting unrealized organizational growth potential.

As an early employee and vice president at Compaq Computer Corporation where she was responsible for creating $1 billion in global infrastructure, Walker has a unique perspective on how to grow companies.

“The core problem is that there is a gap between where organizations are now and where they want to be. Leaders need to create awareness, strategy and action to close that gap,” said Walker.

In this video series, Karen shares her strategies that both her Fortune 500 and Atlanta-based clients such as Lancope, ChoicePoint, Witness Systems (Verint), nCourt and QASymphony have found powerful and effective.

The Atlanta CEO Council #OBISeries focuses on one big idea with insights into ideas, technology and current  issues delivered by thought leaders in a variety of disciplines.  Modeled on TED talks, #OBISeries presentations have covered wide-ranging subjects including applying big data to detect and treat cancer,  Google glasses, building a better start up and using social media in a public health crisis.

To review past topics and see video clips of speakers, search “obi” on our Blog.

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