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Court Rejects Signal Claim: Needle & Rosenberg

Federal Circuit Rejects Signal Claims As Non-Statutory Subject Matter In an important case addressing the scope of patentable subject matter, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected a claim reciting “a signal with embedded supplemental data” because a transient signal is not sufficiently tangible to fall within one of the four statutory […]

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Trademark Considerations in Naming a Corporation: Needle & Rosenberg

  What’s In A Name? Trademark Considerations in Naming a Corporation Bernie Zidar, Esq. TJ DoVale, Esq. Needle & Rosenberg, P.C. The name of your newborn company can include the first and probably the most important trademark your company will ever own. Unfortunately, misconceptions about the right way to choose, secure and protect that […]

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Trends in Intellectual Property for Software & Communications: Needle & Rosenberg

Diverging Trends in Intellectual Property for Software & Communications By Needle & Rosenberg During the past several years, many computer software and communication technology companies have increasingly begun to use patents as the primary mechanism for legally protecting their computer software and other innovative techniques from misappropriation by others. At the same time, many software […]

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