The Porsche Test Drive

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I had never won any raffle/drawing in my life, so to have my name drawn at the last CEO Council meeting on May 13th for a Porsche for a weekend, was a stunner.  My friends had suggested that I immediately go and buy a lottery ticket as my luck had changed.

My luck continued because there was the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and Doug McIntyre, the Jim Ellis Porsche GM kindly agreed to 3 days, not 2 for my test drive.  I chose the Porsche Panamera, with Black on Black. Doug had his specialist explain the controls to me, but somehow my eagerness to get on the road made me a quick learner and I roared out of the dealership right into the Memorial Day parking lot on the I-285.This gave me the ability to test the phenomenal Bose sound system which “transported” me to a concert hall environment, making the traffic jam short lived.

The real test came the next 2 days when my wife and I embarked on a trip through the Blue Ridge mountains, navigating the hairpin bends, steep ascents and descents.  I believe we tested almost all the facets of the Panamera and even my wife who has a 55mph emotional restriction was comfortable going a little faster.  We also had more neighbors coming over for a chat than we had done in the last few months.  I would summarize our experience of the Panamera as Exhilarating, Comfortable and Safe, I was delighted that it had all three.  Whoever wins the next drawing is in for a wonderful experience.

Frank Mascarenhas, CEO, eCompliantz

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