Amplifying the success of Atlanta's CEOs

55_lrg-bwThe Atlanta CEO Council was founded in 1999 by Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan and Vinod Keni, two successful technology entrepreneurs who identified the need for a meritocratic organization to connect Atlanta’s burgeoning business leaders. Membership in the Council has always been based on demonstrated ability rather than just personal connection, creating an egalitarian yet exclusive environment of top executives.

In 2002, the Atlanta CEO Council established the Atlanta CEO Council Venture Forum to connect entrepreneurs with the capital they needed to grow their businesses. This innovative platform transformed the Southeast’s investment ecosystem by introducing the region’s highest-potential companies to top-tier investors from around the world. Now known as Venture Atlanta, the forum has led to $1.5 billion in investments, created $13 billion in successful exits, and gained national recognition as the Southeast’s premier investment platform.

Throughout its history, community service has been one of the core pillars of the Atlanta CEO Council. Partnering with organizations that nurture the next generation of CEOs allows Council members to give back to their community, strengthening the virtuous life cycle of entrepreneurship throughout Atlanta.