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Economist Roger Tutterow with Insights on 2015

Roger Tutterow,  Director of the Econometric Center at the Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University, will gaze into his crystal ball with insights for 2015. Dr. Tutterow is the #OBISeries speaker for the Atlanta CEO Council on Monday, January 12. The Atlanta CEO Council #OBISeries focuses on one big idea with insights into ideas, technology […]

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Atlanta Executives Optimistic for 2011

Atlanta executives surveyed in the last month are indicating optimism for the economy this year.  Of the 182 responses, almost 70% say they expect improvement in 2011 with 23% anticipating an uptick in 2012. Hiring, especially in sales and marketing, is in most CEOs’ plans.  Over one third expect to pursue funding in the next […]

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