Coming together to accelerate success.

With two membership options dependent on title and background, ACEO opens its exclusive membership to qualifying executives of all backgrounds.

How long has ACEO been around ?

Since 1999

How are you different from YPO, Vistage, EO?

ACEO focuses on recurring revenue and product companies only.

Are you only in Atlanta?

Yes, but our CEOs can be from the Georgia region.

Who is leading ACEO?

Our board of directors consists of active Atlanta CEOs.

How many members are there to date?

We have around 1500 members.

Any trackable deals through the council?

We don’t track deals; but with our venture forum (now Venture Atlanta), ACEO members have raised over $1B and with over $14B in exits.

Can you make an estimate on how much has been transacted? For example, "$10.8 Million in Business Transactions."

We don’t track these statistics. ACEO is about building relationships between CEOs and is not transaction focused.

Which industries are the most prominent?

Our membership is represent by High Growth and High Potential Georgia region recurring revenue and product companies which have raised at least $1M in funding or have 50 or more employees.

What is your return partner rate?

Most of our sponsors have been with the organization since its inception in 1999. Greater than 85% return rate.

Who attends the CEO dinners?

Our monthly dinner events are limited to 35 CEOs who run product or recurring revenue companies – an elite peer group ideal for networking and relationship building at some of Atlanta’s newest and coolest restaurants.

What is a CXO?

In addition to CEOs, we provide professional development opportunities to the C-suite because CEOs are born from the C-suite.

Who can attend the CXO receptions?

High growth, future leaders in Atlanta across all C-suite functions- technology, marketing, finance, cybersecurity, human resources, operations. Invited executives include: C-suite & their leadership teams that include:

  • Directors
  • Global Heads
  • Presidents
  • Principals
  • SVPs & VPs

How do you serve the community?

We invite leaders from organizations that foster entrepreneurship from:

  • Academia
  • Incubators/Accelerators
  • Investors
  • Government
  • Non profits