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With two membership options dependent on title and background, ACEO opens its exclusive membership to qualifying executives of all backgrounds.

The Atlanta CEO Council has been an important part of the Atlanta business community fabric for almost 2 decades. It remains our great honor to partner with the Council as it uniquely serves the needs of top executives in some of the region’s best companies & non-profits. There’s not another organization quite like it in our rapidly growing city and region.

Peter Baron, Founder and Principal, Carabiner Communications

Atlanta CEO Council and Venture Atlanta Conference are two of the best things about being an entrepreneur in Atlanta.

Amy Baxter, Founder and CEO, Pain Care Labs

Thanks to the Atlanta CEO Council for making magic happen. What started off as a mentor introduction ended up leading to a potential customer lead. Organizations like this do not just promise, they deliver and I just experienced it yesterday. Reach out to them as a startup CEO or founder.

Rome K. Chopra, Co-founder and CEO, Ziplyne

So glad to meet Anoop Warrier and chat about startups and tech. Humbled by how small the ATL tech ecosystem is and how willing senior leaders are to help startups. Thanks to the Atlanta CEO Council for the intro.

Shauvik Roy Choudhary, CEO. MoQuality

High energy, high turnout at the Atlanta CEO Council reception last night! Jam-packed with CXOs from companies all over town/SE for terrific business networking! Thanks to Palaniswamy Rajan and Ashish Narayan Thakur.

Valerie Darling, CEO and Chief Commercial Officer, Life Sciences Management Consultants

When I first attended an Atlanta CEO Council dinner, we had several attractive, consequential, and divergent paths in front of us. CEOs asked great questions & shared relevant experiences that helped me decide on the best course. I learn a ton at these dinners. And the food = ??.

Geoff Graham, Owner, Geoffrey Graham Development

Awesome networking and connecting at the Atlanta CEO Council. This crowd keeps getting bigger & better.

Musaddeq Khan, MK Entrepreneur and Innovator

The Atlanta CEO Council has found a way to remain relevant and fresh, which is tough for an institution that has been around as long as it has. At the dinner at Nan, we were treated to a delightful interaction with legendary sports broadcaster Jim Nantz, who lit up the room with his fascinating and engaging storytelling. Bringing together legendary leaders in Atlanta's tech scene, newly established leaders, and up-and-comers in one place, the CEO Council succeeds where others fail - at consistently introducing new executives in non-overlapping work circles to each other. A valuable group to be a part of!

David Moeller, CEO, CodeGuard

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly learning how to tackle new challenges. Experience is one way to learn. But it’s a lot less painful if you have mentors to guide you. And that’s exactly what ACEO provides: Personal connections to people who are doing deals, or who have done deals; who are growing companies or are involved in high growth companies—that’s invaluable.

Asif Ramji, Founder & CEO of Venture Worx

The Atlanta CEO Council has helped Bennett Thrasher to grow and connect with like-minded leaders on a regular basis. The organizations’ commitment to high-quality mentorship and exclusive events makes it one of the top associations for executives in Atlanta.

Lindsey Sykes, Partner, Bennett Thrasher